Lectures & Sermons of Ahadees and Qur'an


A detailed collection of lectures give on all chapters of Qur'an. Covering various topics.
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Dars-i-hadees is a collection of lectures given fortnightly on different Ahadees.
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Friday Sermons

A collection of sermons given on Friday congregations.
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Dr. Muhammad Aslam Siddiqui, son of renowned Islamic Scholar and founder of Dar-ul Aloom Rabbaniya Toba Tek Singh Maulana Fazal Karim Siddiqui, was born on 4th April 1940 at Gojra, Pakistan.

He was just twelve when he completed his Hifz e Quran from Dar-ul Aloom Rabbaniya Toba Tek Singh, 1952. He did Fazal Arabic course from Punjab Board in the year 1958 and Dars e Nizami from Jamia Ashrafia, Lahore in the year 1959. Read Moreā€¦

Latest Sermons

You have the option to watch these videos online, or download the original video files in MP4 format.
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We know that from Prophetic ahadeeth that the reward of giving dawah is better than red camels, which was the highest valued commodity during the time of the Prophet Muhammad upon whom be peace. Imagine the reward of supporting the work of Dawah! Brothers and Sisters, do not delay in doing good whilst an opportunity is here. Donate now and help spread the message of Islam. "The best among you who teach Quran and learn it"(hadith)

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